Full-length dramatic comedy, two acts, multiple scenes and settings, 3 men, 2 women. Does anybody really know what they want? Or why? Or what other people want? So how can the right people end up with each other? Like your life (unless you're dead), this is a work-in-progress; like what you want, it's changing all the time: so far, the CEO of a giant multi-national financial services company has a plan to corner the world's market in money, but his European rock singer wife and the gorgeous admin down the hall have their own ideas...


Full-length contemporary dramatic comedy, two acts, multiple scenes and settings, 7 men, 4 women. What happens when good old Dad sells everything he owns, buys gold with the money, hides it, and forgets where? His children and grandchildren descend on him, that’s what, along with a couple of non-family free-loaders who’d love to get in on the action. But Dad’s pretty far gone—he doesn’t even remember that he bought the gold, let alone where he hid it. And why does he feel like he’s in a duel to the death with the TV personality who keeps climbing out of the huge flat screen on the wall to talk to him personally? Who is this new girl who says she’s his grand-daughter? And what else could go wrong? Maybe money really isn’t everything after all, but it would be hard to prove that to the people in this family.


Full-length dramatic comedy, two acts, nine scenes, unit set, 7 men, 4 women. What was that 18 _ minute gap in the tape? Was there something even bigger than Watergate going on? Could it be that our world is different today because of it? Why are people so mean to each other? How do the right people find each other, and what is the meaning of love? And if we could travel in time, should we go back, or forward, or both? Find out for yourself in this rousing romantic sci-fi mystery thriller in which a zany catalyst who calls herself Yetta shines a new light on our most graphogenic chief executive, his family, and his inner circle.


Full-length period comedy, two acts, seven scenes, multiple interiors, 10 men, 3 women. Over the course of a year, just before the turn of the nineteenth century, we follow handsome young Theron Ware, a Methodist minister, and his pretty bride Alice, as they negotiate the shoals of life in a small community in Upstate New York, where religions and denominations, races and ethnicities, men and women, all collide at close quarters. Does everybody really need to know what everybody else is up to? What kind of experience is the right experience to qualify a man for high office? Is it always a good idea to marry your high-school sweetheart? Adapted from the 1896 novel, in the public domain, by Harold Frederic.